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Eggocado: On Inspired Creations

Baking an egg in a halved avocado is one of author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss’ s strategies for simplifying cooking—and his life. Aside from the fact that the concoction’s image made me want to head straight into the kitchen to retrieve a Pyrex casserole from the cabinet’s far recesses (a rare impulse), my recent online encounter with this dish—the Eggocado—seemed auspicious: while drafting text for this website and the e-announcement to launch The Avocado Sisterhood, I’d been cracking myself up suffix-izing words with -ocado or its variant, -acado.

Marjacado. Bravacado. Suavocado. Even a friend said, “Coolacado!” when I showed her this new venture’s logo.

Because I primarily write and read poetry, my radar’s tuned to wordplay. Metaphor, too—though it took a week for the Eggocado’s metaphorical content to register. The metaphor’s messy, I admit, but so’s an Eggocado. Today, this creation, The Avocado Sisterhood, is an entity of unrealized potential—like an egg, unfertilized or uncooked—able to grow into a sustainable being; and it promises to be a quirky, tasty hybrid, a cross-pollination of women and girl writers from all of Life’s pages.

Creating The Avocado Sisterhood has simplified my life. I can now devote my energy, time, and other resources toward serving writers and writing. A dreamacado come true.

So, what inspired creations are in the oven or on your plate? Pleaseplease share in the comment box below.








    • Hey, Sandra! Welcome to this blog 🙂 Just in case you haven’t encountered him yet, Michael Hauge gives terrific info and tips about screenwriting/scriptwriting in his e-newsletter, subscribe-able at his website––where you’ll also find articles and the “Misdemeanors” that he includes in his e-newsletter.

      Thanks for sharing yourself here! Hope you revisit 🙂


  1. I have launched a new version of my website, with more of my writing in one place than ever before. It is an ongoing collaboration I am very excited about. I am also working on new poetry collections, combined with my photographs. Also recording. And learning how to do videos, ideal for delivering the poems as I “heard” them.

    • Margaret, you’re a multimedia wonder-woman. Your website is an exceptional example of Do-It-Yourself Writer. Beautiful and brililant.

    • Carol! Thrilled to “be” with you here 🙂 Will you share here what you’ve been creating that’s not top-secret?


      • For the last three years I’ve been working on a historical literary novel. Lots of re-beginnings as I’ve learned the demands of this particular kind of novel. I have other books percolating, but I am determined to go with this one; I’ve put so much into it for so long. But–dag-gum it–no more historical fiction for me (even though I get all these ideas …) because the research is overwhelming. (Hold me to this, won’t you?) And you’ve got to get it right. The poet in me stops often and listens to the sounds and shapes of the words. I thank you for all I’ve learned from you. It’s making a better book.

        • I love the word “rebeginnings,” Carol 🙂 Also your notion of listening to the SHAPES of words–I’m going to put my attention on that sense. I just encountered this E.B. White quote, from LETTERS OF E.B. WHITE:

          “Writing is not an exercise in excision, it’s a journey into sound.”

          Your faith in me as a teacher has always strengthened me. THANK YOU.


  2. Marjacado,

    I stopped reading as soon as I saw the reference to the egg baked in a half avocado (eggocado). Being no slouch in the kitchen, I got it into my head to make this dish for my supper a couple of nights ago.

    Believe me, it sounds much, much better than it turns out. The huevos (organic, even) came out weirdly gooey, and the avocado ended up burned on the bottom (the oven was the usual 350). The taste of this gooey green-tinged mess was something between tempera paint (also made with eggs, I might add) and damp newsprint.

    Not too appetizing, and an effort to actually eat (yes, I will attempt to eat what I create).

    Just a warning to those of your followers who might decide, as I did, to improvise. I don’t advise it, when it comes to an eggocado.

    But I love your new venture. I’ll be joining after I get back from LA.


    • Marshacado, thank you for your precise report from the field! Unlike a first stab at a novel, a false-start eggocado shouldn’t get relegated to a drawer, right?


  3. My NEXT book, which so far is just kicking around inside me waiting to be born, will be a collection of my nature photographs along with my nature poems that go with them. The MAIN obstacle to this is the COST of getting something printed with lots of full color pages!
    I have the photos & the poems….

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