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Keep your writer life fresh and dynamic with our monthly 1-hour Ripen Your Writing teleseminars. Learn all year long from seasoned writers and other creatives committed to serving the art & craft of your writing.

Part craft talk. Part writing workshop. All enrichment.
INsightful. INstructive. INteractive.  Are you IN?

In 2015, we developed a different strategicado for our Ripen Your Writing series: Ripen Your Writing-meets-Avocado Book Clubwich—an educational discussion facilitated by me (or occasionally a guest writer), with advance reading of a text, either a writing manual applicable to all genres or a notable example of a hybrid genre.

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Members…………………..FREE*  (beginning January 2015; purchase 2013 & 2014 recordings below)

*Includes an MP3 recording of the teleseminar, emailed to ALL participants, to be listened to, on your computer, at your convenience, again and again.

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Ripen Your Writing teleseminars will be conducted “live” from 8:00–9:00 PM (Eastern Time) / 5:00–6:00 PM (Pacific Time). To find your local time, use a time-zone converter (choose “U.S.A. – Colorado – Denver” as the originating time).

To attend the teleseminar “live”: Just before start time, you’ll simply enter on your telephone the dial-in # and, when prompted, the conference code, emailed in advance along with any advance-preparation requests by the presenter. Once everyone has entered the teleconference “room,” Marj Hahne, the host/moderator, will give instructions for how to participate virtually.

If you can’t attend the teleseminar “live”: You can still access the learning via the recording. (Sorry, no refund will be issued if you have to miss the “live” teleseminar due to a schedule conflict.)

Sample a RYW teleseminar

Carrie Mesrobian, “AGAINST NOSTALGIA: Writing the Coming-of-Age Story,” June 17, 2014

Marj Hahne, “NO EXTRA WORDS: How Joke-Writing Can Expand Your Ways of Seeing & Saying,” May 22, 2014

Zita ChristianWRITING THE FIRST NOVEL: The Importance of Being Receptive,” April 29, 2014

Ned Hayes, “CRAFTING A VOICE: How to Be Someone Else in Your Prose & Poetry,” March 4, 2014